About Me

About Me

About Me

Greetings from the vibrant streets of New Delhi, India! I'm Nisha Popli, your neighbourhood enthusiast. Growing up amidst a bustling household with parents, grandparents, a sky-soaring elder brother, and a pack of furry sidekicks (yes, the K9 variety), life was like a daily sitcom.

My dear brother took off on his pilot dreams while I basked in the limelight of undivided attention (not that I'd ever admit it). Our parents were like the GPS that didn't force us into routes, allowing us to navigate life's winding roads ourselves. Their "Choose Your Own Adventure" approach led me to become an independent marvel:

Value Infused Dynamo

Packed with ethics that could put a superhero to shame.

Compassion Incarnate

As focused as a laser, with a heart as big as a universe.

Truth Teller Extraordinaire

Candid thoughts, like unfiltered Wi-Fi.

In a nutshell, I'm a good-hearted human (or at least that's what I tell my mirror) and a fervent HR professional (you could say I'm in love with my job). When the sun's up, you might catch me on the jogging track—unleashing a series of "creative" exercise moves that border on self-torture. I explore Delhi on two wheels, provide impromptu meals to roadside critters, and engage in epic playdates with my fur babies.

As the stars twinkle, I embrace the role of host extraordinaire, throwing dinner soirées that could rival a Bollywood premiere. Movies are my jam, with biopics taking center stage—because who doesn't love a good dramatization of real-life antics? Then there are those riveting evenings spent diving into organizational behavior tomes and anything that deals with the mysterious grey matter.

My academic journey includes adventures at Convent of Jesus & Mary School, Delhi (class of '96), a Sociology degree from Jesus & March College, Delhi University ('99), and an MBA in Human Resources from Infinity Business School, Gurgaon ('03). Besides my academic odyssey, I'm a proud single parent to two full-grown four-legged hooligans—a Cocker Spaniel named Coco Popli and a German Shepherd christened Tyson Popli.

Speaking of hooligans, my tryst with sports began at the tender age of 10, nurturing dreams of repping my country in Basketball & Netball. Fast-forward to 20, and voila—I donned the national jersey (my one claim to fame) like a pro! It taught me life's vital lessons: losing with grace and teamwork like a well-oiled human machine.

So, there you have it—my life tale sprinkled with family, independence, humor, and a dash of sporting glory!

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© 2023 R&N People Advisory.
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